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What is smart contract development?​

A smart contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is stored on a blockchain, like Ethereum or EOS. Every contract has a predefined set of rules and conditions and is automatically executed when those conditions are met. These contracts are guaranteed by the consensus of the whole blockchain network. They cannot be altered by anyone unless the whole network approves of the change. This makes smart contracts one of the safest and most powerful tools for creating agreements between different parties.


Smart contract and payment system development for MentorCalls


DAO development for Solpunks


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The Process

1. Introducing our working method and getting to know the goals and wishes of the customer.
2. Applying this to the project and giving the customer an idea how we will carry out the project.
3. Development of the contract.
4. Internal audit to check if the contract functions as intended and meets all security standards. We provide the customer with an extensive document in which you can see all scores.
5. Testing on the testnet.
6. Deployment of the contract on the blockchain/marketplace according to the customers’ wishes.
7. Celebrate the successful deployment of the smart contract together with the customer.

Smart Contract Development
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Benefits of smart contracts

  • Automation: Once the conditions that have been agreed upon are met, the contract is executed automatically.
  • Transparency: Blockchain technology is based on the principles of decentralization and transparency. This guarantees that the terms of the contract are visible to everyone on the blockchain and cannot be disputed.
  • Security: The cryptographic security of smart contracts ensures that they cannot be tampered with. In addition, due to the distributed nature of these contracts, no data loss can occur.
  • Speed: A smart contract executes/processes immediately, making them highly efficient.
  • Safe: Smart contracts are highly trustworthy instruments that eliminate the possibility for manipulation or error.
  • Independence / decentralized: Smart contracts do not rely on third parties or middlemen.

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