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Custom Development
By doing extensive research into your industry and specific business needs we can determine how to introduce web3 and blockchain into your business or project. We can also take an advisory role on the correct technical approach and implementation of the development.

What does custom development include?
We start with a few sparring sessions to assess the idea of the project and determine the potential the idea has. After this we will do extensive industry and business specific research, in order to determine the right approach on technical level.

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Our service

We have the capabilities to incubate the development with these 5 steps.

We like to work in dedicated partnerships in which we show constant involvement in the project. This allows us to support the customer the best way possible.

We can also fulfill a technical consulting role within the project. This will benefit your organization or project.

Our 5 steps

1. Ideation: We are your number 1 sparring partner with whom you can discuss your idea on a technical level.
2. MVP development: We can start with developing the MVP. This allows us to establish a base without directly incurring high development costs
3. Funding: With the MVP you can raise funding or collect your first revenue, which you can invest in further development/marketing.
We can help you convince funders with our extensive technical knowledge.
4. Total development: We will start with expanding the MVP to the full product once you have collected through funding or revenue.
5. Post revenue: Once the total project is developed, we will support with our extensive maintenance service. This ensures that your project will always run smoothly.

Some industries that are using Web3 and Blockchain Technologies

– Insurance 
– Healthcare 
– Real estate 
– Supply chain 
– (E-)Sports

Blockchain development Web3 Development

Projects we have done

– Decentralized applications 
– Private and Public Blockchain
– Online Platforms (Marketplaces and more)
– Government structure (DAO)
– Custom Software
– Payment Solutions
– Play 2 Earn games

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